Our popular Giclée printing service is the perfect choice for digital artists. Explore our selection of sizes and beautiful art papers to find the ideal match for your artwork. We provide all standard sizes and offer custom calculators for any unique dimensions you might need. You can order a sample pack to see the quality of our archival prints firsthand.


You can enjoy a 20% discount per print when ordering 3 or more identical prints. Find the ‘Bulk Buy’ product listings by scrolling past the standard Giclee Prices.

Bespoke Picture Framing

We are excited to offer a 15% discount for bespoke framing to all our Art printing customers. For our many Artist customers, we offer this that same discount to their end clients. When requesting a quote they just need to mention your name. 

Paper Sample Pack

This is a great way to experience the look and feel of our beautiful range of archival papers. Pop in or order a pack online today to get started.


Ordering Your Test Print

The combination of ink and paper behave differently to a computer screen. This service provides artists the opportunity to review and adapt there work. 


Giclee Prices

'Bulk Buy' Prices

Are you an artist stocking up on editions of a popular piece? The 20% ‘Bulk Buy’ discount applies to 3 or more prints. This service only applies to editions of the same image. For lower quantities or multiple designs please see the above products.

Don't just take our word for it


Digital printing is both a technical and creative process. The quality of the digital file will determine the maximum size that it will look good, and much like painting, you need to test your colours before you start. Our test print service is the best way to invest in a quality outcome. Test prints are essential for new customers. For more information on file set up and the print process please see our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Digitising and Capturing Originals

Unfortunately, we don’t offer support for scanning or photographing physical artwork, nor for the adjustments required to get your original artwork to match the print. Some artist photograph their artwork themselves and use the test print product to work on achieving a pleasing result.

Ordering and Collection

You can purchase your prints using the e-shop above, or contact us via phone or email. Prints can be shipped out or collected from our Brighton Studio.

Uploading Your Work

You can upload your files after you have completed the checkout by using our file upload feature. Our team will ensure your files are matched with the corresponding order. We accept TIFF, JPEG, and PDF formats.

Please allow a turnaround time of five days for your order to be processed, plus shipping time. We appreciate that your deadline may not allow for this lead time and we look forward to working with you on a future project.

The team is always happy to help. If you have any questions or are looking for some advice do not hesitate to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giclée Printing?

Giclee printing is a digital inkjet print where an emphasis has been put on making sure the inks are chemically neutral and the papers are non-acidic. This makes sure the artwork lasts as long as possible.

What Type of Ink is Used in Giclée Printing?

Giclee prints are usually made using water-based or aqueous pigment inks. In the past inkjet printers may have used dye-based inks, however, these were known for poor stability and could be easily bleached by UV rays in direct sunlight. Pigment inks are far more stable and companies such as HP, Canon and Epson will quote longevity numbers from 80 up to 150 years.

What Paper or Canvas Options are Available?

There are a wide range of papers available for giclee printing. Some of these are designed to mimic traditional photographic papers and others are a flat matte finish. The key with a giclee paper is that it is free of wood pulps that may become acidic over time. Hahnemuhle Photo Rag for example is made of cotton!

How Long Do Giclée Prints Last?

Longevity depends on how it is displayed or stored. However, a giclee print kept in a frame should last a generation.

Can I Print Any Size with Giclée?

We print on rolls of art paper that are 44 inches wide, which is roughly 106 centimeters. This means that printing A sizes up to A0 and beyond is achievable. The dimensions of your files can also be bespoke. 

What File Format Do I Need for Giclée Printing?

There are many file formats that can produce excellent output when used for printing. While your print service provider may have specific requirements, we allow artists to send files in whichever format they are most comfortable working with. Consistency is key for the artist to maintain color accuracy throughout their workflow. Technically, the best file format for digital images is TIFF, as it does not use any lossy compression, preserving the image quality. On the other hand, JPEG is an efficient file format because its algorithm compresses the data, disregarding what is not needed, resulting in a smaller file size. However, to the trained eye, some artifacts or impurities can be observed in areas of shadow in JPEG files, which is why TIFFs are often favored.

How Should I Care for My Giclée Print?

Your Giclée print should arrive sandwiched between sheets of acid-free tissue paper. It’s recommended to continue storing the prints in this manner, ensuring they are kept in a dry environment. If possible, storing your prints flat is ideal. However, for practical shipping reasons, prints sized A2 and larger are often loosely rolled. This method of storage is also acceptable, provided the environment remains dry and the prints are handled with care.

What is the Turnaround Time for Giclée Printing?

At Exhibit Printing, we generally quote a 5-day turnaround time. Our printing schedule involves rotating different papers on specific weekdays. Therefore, if you place your order on a day when we are printing the specific paper you require, your order may be dispatched as early as within three days.

Is Giclée Printing Eco-Friendly?
How Does the Pricing for Giclée Prints Work?

At Exhibit Printing, the primary factor affecting the cost of Giclée prints is the size of the print. Additionally, quantity plays a role in pricing. For instance, when you order three or more identical prints, we offer a 20% discount. This discount is provided because printing multiple copies of the same file is more time-efficient for our staff compared to processing, reviewing, laying out, and printing different files for each order. This efficiency translates into savings for our customers.

Can I Get a Proof Before the Final Print?

We offer a test print service where you can have a small section of your artwork printed on the paper type of your choice, scaled to the size of your final piece. For instance, if you plan to print an A1 size piece, although the test print itself won’t be A1, we will scale your artwork to A1 size and print a section of it. This process allows you to review the quality of the paper stock, color accuracy, file resolution, and image sharpness before proceeding with the full-sized final print.

Are There Any Limitations on the Artwork I Can Print?

A crucial aspect to consider is the copyright of the image you wish to print. If you are the creator of the artwork or the photographer of the image, you automatically own the copyright.

What is the Difference Between Giclée Printing and Regular Printing?

Giclée printing stands out for its superior longevity and quality. It produces prints that last longer without fading, using specialized equipment for finer details and a broader color range. This makes it ideal for fine art and photographic reproductions that require faithful detail preservation.

What Kind of Colour Accuracy Can I Expect with Giclée Printing?

To ensure satisfaction, we recommend running a test print first. This step allows you to preview the color reproduction before the final print. A key strength of digital printing, and particularly Giclée, is the ability to reproduce images with consistent color accuracy over time. This means that you can confidently reprint images at a later date and expect the colors to match your previous prints.

Can Giclée Prints be Mounted?

Mounting a Giclée print onto a board is a permanent process and can’t be reversed. While this might not be the best practice for original artworks, the advantage with Giclée prints is the option of reprinting. Therefore, if you choose to mount your Giclée print, you have the flexibility to recreate the print if needed. This provides a balance between durability and the option to preserve the original in digital form.

Is There a Minimum Order Quantity for Giclée Prints?

There is no minimum quantity requirement for Giclée prints; however, £17.50 is the minimum order value. It’s worth noting that discounts are offered starting from orders of three prints.

Can I Request Custom Sizes or ratios for My Giclée Prints?

Absolutely! A big strength of printing onto rolls is being able to print any size or aspect ratio.

Are there any quantity discounts?

When printing 3 or more of the same image we offer a 20% discount.

What is the Maximum Print Size Available for Giclée Prints?

Most paper rolls have a maximum width of 110cm. The length is much greater.

How Should I Ship Giclée Prints to Ensure They Stay Protected?

Small prints, usually up to A3, can be shipped flat in a box. Larger prints are traditionally rolled into a card tube. 

Can Giclée Prints be Used for Outdoor Display?

Giclee prints should not be in humid environments. This includes bathrooms and also the outdoors. There are other techniques for printing high-quality exterior exhibition prints.

How Accurate is On-Screen Colour Representation Compared to the Final Print?

Computers, tablets, and smartphones all have screens of varying quality and colour calibration. Even adjusting the brightness of your device affects the colour you perceive. The only way to proof your precious artwork is to review a test print.

What Resolution is Correct for Giclee Prints?

The ideal resolution is 300 dpi. We would be happy to review your files and recommend a maximum print size.


RGB! The colour space of CMYK is smaller than our printer. If you compromise too early by making your artwork CMYK you may miss out on the lovely vibrant colour our printer are capable of. This does not however mean that every colour you see on screen can be re-produced. That’s what test prints are for.

Play Video about Aspect ratio overlay

Need help with sizing your file?

Watch our video tutorial to help you better understand aspect ratio and how this impacts your work when you resize an image or want to include a border.  

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