6 Reasons to Start Making Giclee Prints

You might be wondering if there are solid reasons to print your artwork. In the mass consumer culture we live in today, it might feel a bit like selling out. You should know that printing your artwork doesn’t take away from the originality of your work. It’s good for you and for your customers, it enables you to reach a growing audience, and it gives access to people who might not be able to afford your original work.

If you’re a serious artist, Giclee prints of your artwork is something you need to consider. Here are six great reasons why you should print your work.

large Giclee print by Sarah Arnet

1. Resell the Same Work

You might worry that prints detract from originality, but fine art printing opens up a world where you can resell the same painting, photograph, or digital illustration over and over again. This means that once you sell your work, it isn’t gone forever. You can grow a steady inventory for your clients, friends, and supporters to choose from.

2. Make More Money as an Artist

The trope of the starving artist doesn’t have to apply to you—especially if you invest in fine art printing. When you decide to print your artwork, you can make more money off of one piece. That means all the time and hard work you put into your art will pay you back even after you’ve sold the first piece. Selling multiple prints means that you’ll keep making money off of the same work repeatedly over time. Who doesn’t want more money?

3. High-Quality Prints Will Do Your Work Justice

If you’re worried that prints might make your art look cheap—don’t. High-quality giclee prints will make your work shine. When you do decide to invest in printing, make sure you go to a reputable print shop and get the right materials. Giclee is essential if you want to market your work as an archival print. It ensures that your fine art prints will last a lifetime without fading or discolouring. An experienced print shop will be able to advise you on the best inkjet printers and inks. 

Fine art paper sample pack for giclee printing service

4. Give Customers More Options

One of the best reasons to print your artwork is to help out your customers. In addition to having more art on the market, you’ll also be able to have a range of prices for customers to choose from. Not every art-lover has the money to shell out hundreds of dollars on an original painting. Providing less expensive options to people makes your art more accessible to a wider audience.

5. Maintain Originality with Limited Editions

If you want to create more value for your prints, you can create limited edition prints. This means that you’ll only sell a set amount. You can number and sign each print, making every single print special. You can also go the extra mile and include a certificate of authenticity. Printing your artwork is a great way to produce and sell more of your art.

art page - gicleea

6. It is Fun

If you dont enjoy printing your work there is a good chance you havent found the right provider yet. With sample packs, test prints and friendly service….. Im yet to meet a customer that was disapointed with their exsperience. Obviously we are biased, but our reveiws speak for them selves.

Still Curious About Giclee Printing?

Giclee printing is a complex process that requires skill, knowledge, and experience to execute correctly. While it is certainly possible to do it yourself, talking to a professional or visiting a local print shop will ensure that your fine art prints remain archival. 

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