Cut Lettering

Laser cut lettering is a cost-effective way to create a stylish looking sign on almost any surface. Perspex comes in a number of colours and is exceptionally weather resistant.

Laser cut perspex shop sign
Exhibit Printing, Brighton

Need to Know

We use our in-house Laser Cutter to create beautifully clean cuts through 3mm or 5mm acrylic plastic. This material is weather resistant and strong so wind and rain will cause no damage. Perspex comes in a range of colours however, if you require something slightly different we can face your lettering with high-quality vinyl.


The letter will have fixings attached using a chemical weld. The fixings clip together after the female fixing is attached using a disposable paper template. The letter can even by careful removed if you want to move the sign one day or to redecorate.



Price is based on the size and complexity of of the sign. We also offer installtion which will be quote for seperately. If you have any questions or would like a quote do not hesitate to get in touch.

Exhibit Printing accepts Solo, Mastercard and Visa card payments