We have many services available to transform windows, walls and vehicles with self-adhesive vinyl but this page is about the kind of stickers you can stick on a laptop or friend’s back!  Available in all kinds of colours, designs, shapes and sizes, there’s a timeless joy to holding a well-designed sticker in your hand. Our stickers are water proof and you even have the option of a laminate for durability. 

Your finished stickers can be supplied as 
Kiss cut or Die cut. Whichever option you choose, the stickers will look the same when applied to a surface…

So what's the difference?

Kiss Cut

We provide you with a sheet covered in perfectly cut-to-shape stickers.  You can either peel the stickers off individually or chop the sheet up yourself.

Kiss Cut stickers are more cost-effective. However,  Die cut are better suited if you are giving the stickers out to customers.

Die Cut

We provide you with a stack of individually cut-to-shape stickers.  These can be distributed one by one ready to be peeled and stuck when required. These are more expensive but great for gifts and merchandise.

Bear in mind that some shapes can be too complex to cut.  We’ll let you know if this is the case and suggest solutions when you submit your artwork. 


Custom Shape


Use the e-shop above to purchase the size, shape and quantity you need and then simply upload your design using our Client Upload facility.  You can submit most image file types and artwork templates are available on the sticker product page.  We’ll confirm your order has been received and contact you when your stickers are ready for collection/shipping. 

Don't just take our word for it