Picture Framing

Bespoke picture framing compliments both the artwork and your home. We offer a range of options to cater to aesthetic choice and conservation performance.

For a glimpse at the craft that goes into each frame,  you are welcome to visit our Brighton studio. Some beautiful tools, skill and a lot of care go into each piece.

Stock Moulding

We have a curated selection of moulding that we keep in stock. These six moulding designs are perfect for those who appreciate both style and value.

Full Range

Choose your moulding from the hundreds of options from our favorite suppliers. You can review a sample in our studio alongside your artwork. We have a full range of conservation grade mounts, in all colours, to complement the design.


We are excited to offer a 15% discount to all our printing customers. For our many Artist customers, we offer this that same discount to their end clients. When requesting a quote they just need to mention your name. 

framed shadow float mounted Sarah Arnet print in a Brighton restarant

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Frequently Asked Question

What Types of Frames Do You Offer?

Our frame mouldings come is a variety of colours, textures and sizes. Two key options are between a painted finish or a bare natural wood. There is also a choice between being able to see the grain of the timer (open grain) or a smooth painted finish (closed grain)

How Do I Choose the Right Frame for My Picture?

Framing is largely an aesthetic choice. Customers often consider their existing frame styles, the decor of the wall they want to hang it on, and the style and colour of the artwork.

What Are Your Framing Prices?

We have some set prices for common sizes on the page above. However, we can quickly provide a quote for any bespoke sizes

How Long Does Custom Framing Take?

Framing is a craft that shouldn’t be rushed. 10 days is a typical turnaround for a bespoke picture frame.

Can You Frame Artworks of Any Size?

Custom dimmensions is the stregth of bespoke framing. The only limiting factors are the maximum sizes of standard materials. In most cases there is a solution for you.

Do You Offer Conservation or Museum-Quality Framing?

The key to conservation framing is that nothing potentially acidic touches the artwork. Using only conservation-grade mountboards helps us achieve this with every one of our frames. You can choose varying grades of protective glazing for additional protection from UV rays.

How Should I Care for My Framed Artwork?

The glass and moulding can be cleaned with a damp cloth, using warm soapy water or glass cleaner. In our studio, we use a mix of water and isopropanol alcohol. A lint free cloth is ideal.

Do You Provide Glass or Acrylic for Frames?

We provide both Glass and Acrylic options. In most scenarios the only advantage of acrylic (perspex) is that it can be shipped with far less chance of breaking. Glass is far harder to scratch but easier to smash.

Can I Bring My Own Frame for You to Use?

We do offer the service of fitting a print into a frame that you provide. Assembling the image inside the frame, and cleaning the glass is labour intensive so we do charge for this service. Usually £15

Do You Offer Any Guarantees on Your Framing Services?

We take a lot of pride in the quality of our work. If there were an issue with one of our frames we would want to rectify it. Just bring it back to the studio and we will get to work.

What Kind of Mounting Options Do You Provide?

There are three key approaches to displaying a print in a frame.
Full Frame: means the image goes to the edge of the frame with no additional border or cut picture mount.
Picture Mount: This is the process of cutting a beveled aperture in a piece of mount board to match the size of your art piece.
Shadow Float Mount: This is the practice of mounting the image with an overhanging edge to create the effect of a floating print.

Can You Frame Objects, Such as Memorabilia?

We are happy to take a look at your project, but we do specialise in art.

How Do I Prepare My Artwork for Framing?

If you are printing an image to fit inside a frame you have purchased yourself you need to measure or take careful note of the dimensions of the glass or aperture in any provided mount. If you are not comfortable formatting the artwork to a set dimension make sure to ask our team for advice.

Do You Offer UV-Protective Glass?

We have both UV-protective glass and anti-reflective options available. Both of these special order items need to be quoted separately.

Are There Eco-Friendly Framing Options?

Although the timbers used in the picture-framing industry should be sustainably sourced we would struggle to confirm the provenance of many of the materials we use. From a more holistic sustainability angle, we would hope these frames will spend at least a generation hanging in your home meaning land fill can be avoided.