Picture Framing

Transform your pictures into beautiful works of art with our custom picture framing service. Every frame is custom-made with care and precision in our studio. We use only high-quality materials that meet conservation standards to protect your artwork. With a variety of moulding options in stock and access to hundreds of additional moulding from different suppliers, you can choose the perfect frame to match your style. Whether you prefer a traditional picture mount or a contemporary shadow float mount, we can help.


Bespoke framing is more than just an aesthetic choice – it’s an investment in the preservation, longevity, and enhanced display of your art. While custom framing does carry a higher price tag than pre-made frames, its value lies in the craftsmanship, quality materials, and tailored service our studio provides. Catering to a broad range of styles, we offer a wide variety of moulding options and specialised services such as float mounting and anti-reflective and UV glass options.

We’re committed to offering the highest standards of service and quality for all our projects. To ensure we can maintain good-quality communication and dedicate the necessary time to each frame, we kindly inform our clients of a minimum project cost of £150.

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