Raster Vs Vector

A brief introduction to the difference between raster and vector file formats.

Wall Graphic Installation

This is a time lapse of a wall graphic installation. It illustrates both the methodical approach and time required for a good installation.

Contour Cut Wall Graphic

A short description of print and cut graphics.

Vector files for cutting

A brief introduction to why a vector file is required for vinyl and laser cutting.

Cut Vinyl Wall Graphic installation

This is a time lapse of a centre hinge approach to dry application of vinyl to a matte white painted wall.

Giclee tutorial

A description of Giclee printing.

Cut Vinyl Wall Graphic

A short explanation of a cut vinyl graphic applied to a matte white painted wall.

Laser Cut Sign Installation

A short little time lapse showing the installation of the new company branding.

Bike Vinyl

This video is about Bike Vinyl.

Counter rolling prints

How to flatten a curled print quickly and with out damaging it.

You can read the transcript here.


A short introduction to the main quality control issue with inkjet prints.

Application Tape for Cut Vinyl

A short description of how application tape is used in the preparation of cut vinyl graphics.

You can read the transcript here. 

Retractable Banner Stands

A demonstration of how to set up a roller banner.

Replacing a roller banner graphic

This is a demonstration of how a roller banner can be reused by replacing the current artwork. The units are spring loaded and the video shows you our approach to the process.

You can read the transcript here.

Window graphic installation

A demonstration of the stages, equipment and techniques that are involved in producing a cut vinyl window graphic.

Hanging prints

This video shows two approaches to displaying prints on a wall without using a frame, tape or pins. You can read the transcript here.

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