Why does my image look too dark?

The most common adjustment people make after producing their first test print is brightening. This is often due to the relatively high brightness of the screen we revenue our artwork on. Turning your screen brightness down to match the test print will give you an idea of the brightness adjustment required to your file.

What are Dpi and Ppi?

300 dpi means there are 300 dots or pixels per square inch: So 300dpi = 300 x 300 = 90,000 dots or pixels of information. This is considered perfect quality for art printing.  

What is Resolution?

Resolution describes the amount of small squares of colour that make up an image. The higher the resolution the more information there is in an image, and the larger it can be printed whilst still looking good. It is often described as Dpi or Ppi.

What is pixelation?

A photograph is a bitmap file meaning it is made of lots of tiny squares of colour. If you can actually see the edges of the squares the quality is considered to be low, and that is called pixelation.