For over 10 years our high quality posters have created portfolios, presentations, and graduate show prints for Brighton and Sussex students.

We have a range of paper and printing processes.

We can even print on some random paper that you supply.

We care about quality and understand how important your deadlines are.


We pay VAT for our student customers. That is a 20% discount!

*(technically it is a 16.66% discount, but you get the idea)


Bespoke printing is rarely cheap, but our advise is always free. Please ask us questions, even if you think they are silly….. We really are here to help

How it works

Ring, Email or Pop in to discuss your print.

Upload or Deliver your files.

Collect your prints and pay…. its that simple.

The Jargon

We accept Jpeg and PDF file formats

We offer students a discount on all the services we offer…. not just posters.