Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back to Exhibit Printing studios. Today I am going to demonstrate of how a roller banner can be reused by replacing the current artwork.

If you don’t have the original metal pin that comes with a retractable banner stand you can improvise using something small like a screw driver. Place your foot on the base and pull the current graphic out of the unit. Once the white tongue is exposed you can lock off the unit, by slipping the pin until it locks in. Now the graphic won’t retract and we are able to cut the graphic away from the unit. Remember not to cut the white tongue, you are going to need this for the next graphic.

So we now carefully remove the remains of the graphic. We then apply some double sided tape. Generally, we would use two strips as there is no harm in it being as strong as possible. You also need to remove the snap clip from the top of the graphic. You just prise it undone and now it is ready to be used. Here I am using some methylated spirits, (which is alcohol), just to wipe the back of the graphic and remove any grease in order to make sure it sticks well. I peel back a small amount of the double sided tape, maneuver the graphic into place, pull the tape and move along applying even pressure. Now finally we take some packaging tape and run two lengths over the top.

At the top of the graphic, the snap clip opens up and you then feed the graphic in. Once you have positioned it correctly, you apply even pressure along the length, push down hard until it snaps into place. Now just simply install the rubber end caps and the graphic is complete.

The final stage is just to apply pressure to the graphic to stop it slipping. Pull out the pin and carefully feed the graphic into the unit, making sure it doesn’t veer off to one side.

We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Exhibit Printing.

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