We can mount your image onto a variety of different materials. Our specialist mounting and laminating machine provides a seamless finish, and our professional guillotine allows us to cut perfect edges on any of your mounted boards. No SprayMount will ever be used on your beautiful prints.

Need to Know

There are a range of materials suitable for different applications and environments. The main two categories are interior and exterior.


Exterior Signage

-Dibond 4mm, an alternative to aluminium, very strong for its weight.
-Foamex- 3mm or 5mm know also as PVC Foam Board, durable and light.
-Perspex- 3mm,5mm,8mm luxurious finish, can be laser cut to any shape.

Interior Presentation

All exterior products can be used inside as well.
-Foam centred board- 5mm, lightweight cost-effective, professional finish for short term use.


Getting Started

Select your mounting substrate and request a quote. Please remember that the price of mounting does not include the cost of the print itself.


“We regularly use Exhibit Printing for work and they’re a godsend!! They’ve often managed to jump in at the last minute in order to help us meet some very tricky deadlines. Also, considering the great quality of their work, the prices are very affordable!” – Life Water


The Jargon

When mounting artwork we need to consider durability. A giclee print is valued for it Archival properties but as mounting is irreversible it would no longer be considered so.

Mounting is a great addition to your printed project. Many of our clients opt to mount their work as they feel that the rigidity and extra depth created produces a professional appearance. Often printed paper stocks can be difficult to display without looking ad hoc but the process of mounting a print onto a rigid board can solve this problem and also increase the practicality of fixing your work into place.

We offer a selection of rigid substrates that are great for mounting, these range from the most common foam centered board (aka foamcore or display board) through to a range of specialist materials for signage and exhibition design. The factors people often consider when choosing their material are weight and durability. Foam centered board is great for temporary installations because it is light weight and therefore convenient for both transportation and installation. If, however you wish to create a panel which could be re-used multiple times, a more solid material such as PVC foam board (Foamex) is a great option as its’ density creates a durable finish with strong corners. Our specialist mounting and laminating machine provides a seamless finish, and our professional guillotine allows us to cut perfect edges to any of your mounted boards. If you have any specialist requirements that you have not seen information about on our website please feel free to ring or e-mail us to discuss your project.

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