Need to Know

We charge £1 per minute for cutting.

The thinner the material the quicker the cutting, and the more you get for your money. Our laser cutter is integral to many of the services we offer but although a powerful tool, it has limitations. Nearly all new materials require a process of calibrating the power and speed to achieve the desired finish, this is especially true when engraving onto the surface rather than making cuts clean through the material. Unfortunately, this means certain projects will not be profitable for us to take on and the risk of a mistake when working on a precious item to high.


Getting Started

You can provide your own material or we can order it for you. The cost is based on both the size of the job and the cutting complexity, but prices start from just £15 + VAT

The Jargon

We use vector files for production however if your technical knowledge doesn’t extend to file formats we are happy to help. (video tutorial here) If you are supplying a vector file it should be just the paths that you wish to cut. We recommend you go into outline mode and check whether there are any lines present that would spoil your design if cut by the laser.

Please ring or email with any questions.