Welcome to Exhibit Printing, a Brighton based company with ten years experience in large format printing, vinyl stickers, laser cutting and signage. We have full in-house production facilities and a broad portfolio of work. Our focus is on explaining services clearly and helping our clients with every stage of their project. From a single print to a complex project we are happy to answer any questions.

Image capture


New service coming soon.

We are excited to offer a professional photographic capture service for your original artworks.
Whether an artist works with ink & paper or paint & canvas our process will produce a high resolution copy ready for print or archiving.
Our cross polarising lighting technique remove any spectral highlights (glare) from even a wet oil painting, and our colour accuracy in assured using a xrite colour calibration procedure.

We can return the file to you as a TIFF, JPEG or even in RAW if you wish.

The studio set up will be a permanent fixture of our brighton office meaning everything you need to produce editions of your work is now under one roof.


Budget: £8.00
Up to A3 artwork, £4.00 for each extra artwork at this size.
Where colour accuracy is not essential (sketch books, children’s drawings, etc…)

Small  £20.00 +VAT
A3 artwork, £7.00 for each extra artwork at this size.

Medium £35.00 +VAT
A2 artwork, £10.00 for each extra artwork at this size.

Large £45.00 +VAT
A0 artwork, £15.00 for each extra artwork at this size.

Exhibit Printing accepts Solo, Mastercard and Visa card payments