Tutorial Transcript

Welcome back to the Exhibit Printing studios. It’s a little bit messy in here today as we have just finished a christmas expo open studios in the building. For that we hung some of our client’s work. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you a couple of good options if you are hanging your artwork for the first time, and you are not looking to frame it to save on costs.

So here we have got some work by Sam Williams. It’s a lovely collection and for this we have used bulldog clips. They are great because you can simply clip them in and unclip them. This gives you the possibility to take the prints down easily for a client to review them. Also, if you make a sale you can take the prints straight down, roll it up, and put it in a tube. Then when you need to put it back up again, simply clip it in. The bulldog clips at the bottom aren’t essential, but if you would like to pull your print taut they are great for that. When you are installing the bulldog clips, you don’t have to be particularly accurate with where you place them, as long as they are completely level so that the print hangs straight. Whether they are an inch in or an inch and a half in, you can adjust it left or right so it makes your set-up quite quick.

Another approach is using magnets. So this print is being held up by these four magnets. This is achieved by screwing some standard screws into a piece of MDF, buying small magnets, and placing it over the print. It then snaps into position. Much like bulldog clips, the print isn’t damaged as you are not putting a pin through it. It is nice and simple to adjust and to take down.

So hopefully you found those two approaches useful.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at Exhibit Printing.

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