Environmental Charter

Exhibit Printing is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and this Environmental Charter therefore covers all aspects of Exhibit Printing’s operations. It commits us to using suppliers and services that reduce their environmental impact and will inform decision-making where appropriate.

The activities set out below form a framework: the list of activities is not exhaustive, and staff are very much encouraged to consider other ways to reduce their impact on the environment.


Reduce, re-use and recycle. Example activities we will carry out include:



We reduce waste by carefully choosing what we buy and how we use it. –

Non-essential documents and emails will not be printed

We will endeavour to avoid the use of unnecessary packaging.

Secure bike parking is available for all staff.
Where vehicles are essential including vans Exhibit Printing uses a car club.

We seek to minimize the use of energy in all activities. This includes buying low-energy appliances


We will re-use envelopes and packaging where possible.
Wherever possible, we will find a second life for items;

IT equipment, furniture, telephones, mobile phone handsets & chargers. We will use/support social economy organisations to recycle materials where possible


We will recycle our own waste and source recycled goods, where possible

All paper, card, glass and tin will be recycled by ‘Brighton Paper Round”
All Toner cartridges and inkjets will be recycled

Exhibit Printing will buy recycled wherever possible.



Exhibit Printing will buy recycled wherever possible.

Paper is FSC sourced.
PVC products are avoided where possible. We are committed to sourcing sustainable alternatives as they become available
Empty ink cartages and left over solvent are entered into a returns scheme with the manufacturer.
We print exclusively digitally, meaning we have control and flexibly with regard to length of runs and efficient layout on media.

This Charter will be reviewed regularly the Executive Team.