Exhibit Printing


You deserve better than staples and plastic sleves! Add the finishing touch to your documents using our wire binding service.

Binding 1
Binding 2

What you need to know.

This service isn’t exactly exciting but it really shows you care about your documents presentation. We can add a clear or frosted plastic cover and you can have any colour you like as long as its black! (on large runs we can offer coloured finishes)


Getting Started

Just ask for binding when you send over you documents to print.

The Jargon

Documents as standard are printed with a print margin. This white boarder is not noticed if you have a white background, but it does provided a handy space for the binding holes to be punched. If you choose to have your documents printed and trimmed to achieve full bleed you need to plan you design to allow some space for the binding on the edge. We don’t want to put a wire binder through your wonderful work!



single document £3.00 + VAT
plastic covers £1.00 + VAT

Exhibit Printing accepts Solo, Mastercard and Visa card payments