Tutorial Transcript

Hi, welcome back to the Exhibit Printing studio. This is just a quick video about application tape. More information about vinyl cutting can be found in the vinyl cutting video.

So once the vinyl has been cut with your graphic, there is a manual process called weeding that occurs. This involves manually removing every element of the graphic which isn’t required in the final piece of artwork. Once this has been done we have the completed graphic however, we don’t want to lift the graphic piece by piece in order to try and apply it to a window. Another name for vinyl cutting is pre-spaced cutting. The reason for that is because application tape allows us to lift the graphic in a single piece. This is essentially just a big roll of masking tape.

Now that we have got your final graphic with application tape, ready for you to install.

If you have any questions on vinyl cutting please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at Exhibit Printing.

Visit our vinyl cutting page for more information.